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Friday, May 7, 2010

Faculty of Office Management & Technology

the Faculty, formerly known as the Faculty of Secretarial Science, offers specialised courses in office administration and management, and office technology. Armed with expertise in the office management of an organisation, the faculty restructures and introduces a range of programmes that correlate with the ever-changing concept in the management of a technology-driven offices.

Learning will always be a challenging experience since the Faculty makes continuous efforts to ensure that all members are highly qualified and dedicated in their profession. Students will have a great time since they will be trained by Faculty members who come from different disciplines, covering the spectrum of computer and information technology, information management, human resource, corporate administration, management and communication. 
At present, the Faculty offers the following programs:

1. Doctor of Philosophy (Office Systems Management)
2. Master in Office Systems Management
3. Bachelor in Office Systems Management (Hons.)
4. Bachelor of Customer Service Management (Hons.)
5. Bachelor of Health Administration (Hons.)
7. Bachelor of Event Management (Hons.)
7. Diploma in Office Management and Technology
8. Certificate in Office Administration (Franchise)

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